Deliver to all U.S and Mexico.


1. What is Alhen Forest Products lead time?
Program business relationships have a 4-to-6 week lead-time from date of order to final delivery. Spot open market orders are subject to market conditions. Many times, we can accommodate orders in 5 weeks.
2. How do you deliver your products?
We deliver all of our products in fully tarped flatbeds that are loaded in our facility at the border.
3. What is your port of entry?
We bring all our products by truck, and we cross through El Paso, Texas.
4. Does Alhen run jambs?
Yes, we run 5/4” and 6/4” split jambs, flat jambs and exterior frames. We can process end work, dadoes, hinge and strike.
5. Does Alhen run trim boards?
Yes, we run 5/4” and 21/32" trim boards raw, primed and double primed from 1” x 2” to 1” x 12”.
6. How wide can you run a moulding?
We can run a moulding up to 8-1/2" wide.
7. Can Alhen run short and long mouldings?
Yes, we can run 30" to 18'.
8. Are raw materials available?
Yes, 5/4” and 6/4” Radiata Pine and U.S. Ponderosa Pine.
9. Does Alhen run solid mouldings?
Yes, we run cut-to-length (CTL) solid mouldings in 7' and 8' lengths.
10. Do you run cut stock?
Yes, short and long in 5/4” and 6/4”, from 18" to 7’.
11. Do you have labeling capabilities?
Yes we can UPC per piece, apply I2 of 5 labels, unit labels and marketing labels for pro packs, door packs and/or casing and jamb sets.
12. What are your packaging capabilities?
We can process mini-units, retail tags, contractor packs, multi-pattern distribution units, pro packs, door packs and sets.
13. Do you have priming capabilities?
Yes, our priming station counts with an oven that gives the best finish, protecting the prime from any stain at the same time assuring the same consistency thoghout.
14. Does Alhen have buffing and sanding capabilities?
Yes, all profiles.
15. Does Alhen have shrink wrap capabilities?
Yes, for pieces, moulding sets and project panels.
16. Do you have pre-finish capabilities?
Yes, we have a spray-pre-finish line. We can match any requested color.
17. Priming capabilities?
Yes, we pride our priming using Sherwin-Williams primer, this with controlled temperature assures the consistency thought all profiles.
18. Buffing and sanding capabilities?
Yes, all profiles.
19. Local customers El Paso tx/ Surrounding areas.
Retail customers have a special program that helps increase their cash flow at the same time always have product on the shelves. Alhen always carries inventory where retailers can buy any quantity without having to invest in a full unit of a certain profile. This Inventory can be picked up instantly or delivered within 72 hrs.
20. Menudeo en Cd. Juarez
Para todos nuestros clientes locales ya sean constructores o están remodelando su casa Alhen tiene un punto de distribución para todo tipo de cliente. Esta sucursal está localizada en Blvd. Oscar Flores 5160.