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Products and services.

    Wood Species:
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • Yellow Pine

Products and services.

Finger-Joint Moldings- Alhen Finger-joint and Solid moldings are the perfect choice for homeowners to transform, remodel, and new home additions. For retailers can fill their shelves with quality and dependable moldings for their builders.

Alhen Finger-joint are made from Chihuahua Mountain Range Ponderosa Pine a medium-density softwood with uniformal pattern. Easy to paint and stain all delivered with sanding finish.

Alhen Molding are available in standard patterns; base, crown and casing profiles. Our special-mill can also run special patterns customers can choose from Solid, Primed, Raw, and Pre-finish design.

Local costumers El Paso tx/ Sorrouding areas. Retail costumers have a special program that helps increase their cash flow at the same time always have product on the shelves. Alhen always carries inventory where retailers can buy any quantity without having to invest in a full unit of a certain profile. This Inventory can be picked up instantly or delivered within 72 hrs.

Why Choose Alhen.
Molding Manufacturing is in our blood, 3rd generation traditions in the lumber business we have cared for all our customers. We have the best experience in Our border community that helps us predict and help customers both retailers and homeowners. 27,000 sq facility powered by experience is standard and special-mill.